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Courier Express

LogAsia express, a division of LogAsia SCM, is a one-stop-shop solution in Logistics, Express and  Supply Chain Management, offering  fast  and  reliable  door-to-door  transportation  of  goods, information  and  payments  through  FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS network. The  express  service  offering,  comprises  of domestic  and  international  services  that  are  flexible  and  customisable  to  meet  specific  business  or private needs.

We understand that your needs may be driven by those of your client’s and that timelines and demands are  likely to vary from project to project. With an assortment of options that can be tailored to your convenience, LogAsia express guarantees you a trusted and cost effective courier service.

Whether you require straight-forward express services, security services  for  precious cargo or even need to transport dangerous goods, we can easily accommodate you. LogAsia express will deliver what you need, where you need it, when you need it to get there quickly and safely.

Our comprehensive range of Express Services include:

  • Worldwide Document and Parcel Priority
  • Worldwide Parcel Economy
  • Worldwide Express 9:00 ; 10:00; 12:00

At LogAsia Express, we believe that having the right networks and information in place is critical to the safe and efficient movement of cargo.

That is why we pride ourselves in the management of the Express Courier Channel – from tracking all internal and external processes to offering state-of-the-art security systems and tracking devices, which will minimize risk along the way and ensure that the movement of products are tracked and monitored at all times.